• This course will focus on how you can develop strategic information systems. We will study several guidelines in planning and systems engineering to help you avoid developing information systems that will lead to future financial and performance disasters.

  • Discrete Mathematics course in the Diploma in Computer Science program offered by the UP Open University (1st Sem 2008-2009)

  • IS 238: Client/Server Computing

    IS 238: Client/Server Computing

    Academic and business organizations are moving their computer processing and operations to a distributed environment and client/server architecture to take advantage of the Internet revolution. These large re-engineering and system integration projects require a significant investment in resources. However, the lack of proper expertise and the confusion surrounding the issues of open systems and client/server architecture often lead to project failures.

    This course will introduce students to the evolution, advantages and pitfalls of client/server computing. Understanding client/server architecture and relevant issues is central to the success of distributed and cooperative processing applications such as electronic commerce and data warehousing.

  • Mathematics in MultimediaMMS 140: Mathematics in Multimedia

    Mathematical skills and tools required for understanding and creating computer generated multimedia applications.

    Course Goals

    At the end of the course, the students should:
    1. be proficient in the mathematics of multimedia;
    2. know the aspects of logic, algebra, trigonometry and graphical methods related to multimedia computing;
    3. develop skills in using the relevant mathematical tools in solving problems in multimedia computing; and
    4. understand basic mathematical concepts in graphics, sound, and animation at various speeds under linear and non-linear motion.